On Congressman Alan Grayson, robot feces and possible Senate runs


Never one to keep his gambling deck too close to his chest, Congressman Alan Grayson – who every peanut gallery member already knows is going to make a run for Marco Rubio's emptied Senate seat in 2016, but turns into peanut butter when cornered on the matter (what's with all the political flirting these days?) – has taken his "Die Quickly!" shtick one step beyond today, reportedly, by going after Tampa Bay Times reporter Adam Smith, a left-leaning scribe at a great paper. There's no need to go into the context of Grayson's mood, although website Gawker does (hint: an ugly divorce), but nor is the blurt of placard-worthy nerd-genius out of character for the man who sometimes seems too smart for his own good. Hell, we've been at the bad end of the Grayson stick in the past, and it's as unfun as it is unfunny; though, generally, he's politically of sound mind and body, standing up for progressive causes and walking the walk while talking. Here's Smith's Twitter post. 

The post has gone national, naturally, because everybody loves to hate Grayson (and shitting robots, and the press). We're reaching out to the Grayson camp for comment, but until then, just know that everything is fine and that politicians always hate reporters. It's just part of the dance.