Fringe Review: Darwin vs Rednecks


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I've been trying out a new tactic for Fringe, which is essentially not reading anything about a performance and just showing up not knowing anything about it. It's liberating in a way. When I arrived at Darwin vs Rednecks, I didn't know if this was a play, a musical, a dance performance. Nothing.

So, when Stewart Huff came out and started talking to the audience, I figured this was some kind of intro before the show starts. Then he started ripping on himself relentlessly for like a good 10 minutes. I then realized I was in the midst of a stand-up comedy show, and a good one too. 

Huff is from Kentucky and speaks with a thick drawl. As you've probably gathered from the title, the theme of the show is basically all about making fun of rednecks. But Huff doesn't do this in a mean-spirited way. To Huff, rednecks are everywhere, not just the South. A redneck is just an idiot, a person who shouldn't, at any cost, reproduce. Huff calls these people "slow cheetahs." At one point during his show he goes into how ridiculous it is that we have directions for literally everything, and he uses cotton balls as his prime example: "If you eat too many cotton balls and you become sterile, good."  

There's no "You know you're a redneck" type of schtick here. No corny one-liners. His show actually comes across as a thought-provoking conversation about humanity, love, death and the little things in life that are so damned funny. 

Darwin vs Rednecks 
Stewart Huff 
Venue: Pink
Length: 55 minutes
Rating: 18 and up
Price: $10