Aloma Early Childhood Learning Center tries to rewrite history on lesbian firings


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We've already written about the mess that the Methodists at the Aloma Early Learning Center have made in firing two instructors, Jaclyn Pfeiffer and Kelly Bardier, for being lesbians on the clock. We've even guessed that, hey, maybe that's illegal, because the county has anti-discrimination laws, even if the state does not. It gets confusing when you throw Christianity into the mix, though. Seriously, they don't pay taxes so they don't pay gays, right? Well, a settlement has been reached, and we're actively pursuing a story as we speak (you can read the Sentinel account here). So too, it seems, is the Aloma school. In a letter purportedly received by parents today, our favorite spokesperson name for a topic like this, Barbara Twachtman, made a Hail Mary attempt at explaining the school's ministerial position. Our favorite part is this: 

"We all sin and find ourselves falling short of expectations from time-to-time. When that happens, we try to hold each other gently accountable," Twachtman writes.


Anyway, here is today's latest letter from the school/church in full. There will be meetings with gay groups, there will be cash payouts, there will be hand-slaps, and there already is a lot of hypocrisy.