Dawg Fight, the insane documentary about Florida backyard fighting, is now on Netflix


  • Photo via Dawg-Fight.com
Dawg Fight, arguably one of the most insane films to come out of the Sunshine State as of late, is now available to stream on Netflix. 

In 2009, filmmaker Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys and ESPN's 30 for 30 episode, "The U") set out to document the bareknuckle brawling subculture of the South Miami suburb known as West Perrine. The story follows Dada 5000, a fighter/promoter who grew up only a few blocks from MMA fighter Kimbo Slice, as he becomes the Don King of illegal backyard fighting. 

Naturally, a lot of controversy surrounded the film. Many studios wouldn't pick it up because of the gratuitous violence. "Nobody would buy it," Corben told ESPN.com. "Everybody watched it and loved it. They thought it was some of our best work. But they wouldn't buy it. The three most prominent reasons we got for rejection was that it was too urban, too violent and too real. To us, that was like a woman turning you down because you're too tall and too handsome."

 Corben self-released the film last March and the film popped up on Netflix last Friday.