You can now eat 'healthy vegetarian food' from Dollar Tree




If you were one of those people who was always on the fence about eating food from a Dollar Tree, this might just change your mind.

Located in the freezer section, which is just past the party supplies and seasonal patio knick knacks, Dollar Tree shoppers can now find a new line of healthy vegetarian snacks! For the cost of $1, thrifty vegetarians can experience all-natural, preservative free, french toast sticks and french toast bites!  

Apparently, the french delicacies are just the tip of the iceberg. Dollar Tree's line of veggie options have actually been around for awhile and according to a recent press release, the french toast sticks and french toast bites join an already robust roster of vegetarian options like, "Battered Mushrooms, Vegetable Samosas, and Veggie Burgers." 

It's all part of their Chef Ernesto line, who is a fictional person and not an actual chef. It would appear Chef Ernesto's goal is to provide a healthy option to those of us who are on a tight budget, or to hungry people who might already be at a Dollar Tree to buy some AA batteries or a styrofoam cooler or something. Either way, this is a good thing!