Celebrate 16 years of art at Stardust with a sweetly nostalgic show on Saturday


  • "City of Die Tryins" by Jaime Margary
If you were to try and name Orlando’s longest-running gallery, chances are you might not guess Stardust Video & Coffee, the video store-turned-coffee joint-turned-sandwich spot-turned-music venue-turned-bar.

  • "Josie" by Katherine Bennett
As indicated by that clunky hyphenate, Stardust has always morphed into whatever it needs to be for the people who populate it, and as a lot of them are artists (including Katherine Bennett, one of Stardust's founders), a place to show their work was among those needs.

As local artist and Stardustian Doug Rhodehamel notes, “Some of Orlando's best artists had their very first shows at Stardust.”

To celebrate 16, they’re bringing back many of the original artists alongside some newer ones (like current ’dust curator Vanessa Andrade), including well-loved names like Anna McCambridge, Terry Hummel, Brian Phillips, Jaime Margary, Kim Darovec, Brigan Gresh, Andrew White, Rick Jones, Morgan Steele, and Rhodehamel and Bennett, of course.

Also to be revealed at the opening: the official name of the gallery, aka “the quiet room,” “the room with all the whiskey” or “the room to the left of the espresso machine.” (A truly ancient Orlandoan tells us the room was at one time called “Welch Hall,” named in honor of irascible jazz drummer Michael Welch, but any way of confirming that fact seems to have vanished into the mists of time.)

Come celebrate. As befits any Truly Serious Art Opening, there will be cheese. 

The Originals: 16 Years of Artwork at Stardust Video & Coffee
7 p.m. Saturday, June 6 | Stardust Video & Coffee, 1842 E. Winter Park Road | stardustie.com | free