Uber will deliver free cupcakes to your door today


  • Photo via Pinterest

Uber has been operating in Orlando for a year now, according to an email the ride-sharing company sent to us today. And that year has been full of headaches for Uber, which has been under fire in multiple cities (including Orlando) because local governments can't quite figure out how best to regulate it. But that's not stopping them from using ham-handed techniques to put a damper on the ride-sharing company's business model. 

So Uber has spent a lot of its time trying to appeal directly to the consumer. Today, it's doing it with cupcakes. From 1-4 p.m., you can have an Uber driver deliver cupcakes to your door for free. To make it happen, visit the app, slide to the "celebrate" option at the bottom of the screen and tap "request cupcakes." A driver will call you to confirm your order, then will deliver up to four cupcakes to you. 

This viral marketing campaign has been used in other cities, including Raleigh, North Carolina and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (we didn't even know Uber operated in Saudi Arabia until today), and if you search the hashtag #ubercupcakes on Twitter, you can see how much free positive advertising people directed Uber's way because cupcakes. 

Nice play, Uber. We are now taking bets on how long it takes the Orlando City Council to pass an ordinance banning cupcake delivery from Uber vehicles.