There's a petition to stop Orlando City Soccer fans from chanting 'retarded'




Orlando City Soccer fans are circulating a petition calling for the change of a common in-game chant that involves the word "retarded." The petition started after numerous complaints were aimed at both officially recognized fan clubs, Iron Lion Firm and Ruckus, for using the offensive word. 

"For some time, some fan groups have used an approved chant that included "the R word" at Orlando City Soccer games. It's offensive. It's derogatory," claims the petition. "It's wrong. The use of the "R" word devalues individuals with intellectual disabilities. We need to stand together to let Orlando City Soccer know it is NOT OKAY to allow people to continuously insult people with intellectual disabilities." 

The chant, called "Sos Cagon," features the lyrics, "Let’s get it started/We will not sit down/That’s just retarded."  

According to the Washington Post, "Iron Lion Firm President Rodrigo Guillen says the group has since changed “retarded” to “disregarded,” and the group issued a statement on its Facebook page."  However, fans are still using the term at games

Currently, the petition has 335 of the 500 signatures needed.