Six cool cocktails for a summer full of hot days and nights


Daaaaamn, it's hot out there – and it doesn't look like the weather is breaking any time soon. Steamy temps like these call for easy, cooling cocktails, so we've gathered up a few from our monthly Remix column. Just click the links for full recipes.

Rum and Coke is easy, sure, but Materva and bourbon is just as easy — and way more original: We flip the script on the Cuba Libre 

A one-two punch in Mother Nature's hot, sweaty face? Here's two different takes on the classic daiquiri, one refined, one funky: Beat the heat with a double-fisted daiquiri Remix 

Cold-brew coffee meets tequila for a sweet, cinnamon-tinged hot-weather cooler: Premium bottled cold-brew makes our Remixed Mexican Coffee a snap

And if you're feeling just a bit ambitious, make these tart, jiggly gin-and-raspbery jello shots: We make the classic Clover Club cocktail fun to eat  

The easiest choice of all? Tequila shots. Class 'em up a little with a fruity, authentic homemade chaser: Tequila's best friend, sangrita: You say tomato, we say watermelon