KFC wants to replace all bread with meat, introduces new fried chicken pizza



This week, the food scientists at KFC have unveiled a new line of pizzas, where instead of pizza dough it's just slab of fried chicken with some toppings on it. 

KFC has a long history of replacing bread with meat and then stuffing various shit into it in the name of PR, and this new "Chizza" (it should've been called the Pizzicken) will likely be a booming success.

If you're dying to test your body against this thing, know that the pizza-chicken is only available in the Philippines.

Here's how they described it on their Twitter feed,  "Have you ever thought of having chicken as a crust to your favorite pizza? We did. So here's the new #KFChizza."

At this point, it seems there's no limit to what KFC won't turn into meat. In the future, we can probably expect new meat-ventions like a chickette, (a long tube of chicken that looks like a baguette), mini-chicken cakes (cupcakes but made of meat), or perhaps even chagels (bagels made of chicken).