Inside look: Salty-sweet treats at the IKEA candy bar



Sunday-afternoon trips to IKEA Orlando just got a little bit sweeter (or at least a little more tolerable). A couple of weeks ago, IKEA installed a new bulk candy bar right outside the grocery section, next to the ground-floor cafĂ©. On your next trip, before you hop on that escalator and start your journey through the Neverending Apartment, hang a left and scoop out some sweets for your trek through the labyrinth. 

For just under $8 a pound, spoon out Swedish fish, vanilla marshmallows, toffee bites and at least eight kinds of licorice candies ranging from totally addictive to *approach with caution* (I'm looking at you, Licorice Octo-Salt and Lemon-Rhubarb Logs). Scandinavians are notoriously fond of both red and black licorice (and the salty variant of black licorice as well), so whichever side of the Great Licorice Divide you're on, you'll be in heaven. 

If you don't dig licorice of any hue, NBD. We loved the pillowy chocolate-covered marshmallow bananas, the cutest gummi fried eggs ever, and the mini caramel-banana gummis. 

Parental units and the health-conscious alike should feel pretty good about shoveling candy from the bins into the baggies, too, since all the candies at the bar are GMO-free, contain no high-fructose corn syrup, and are naturally flavored and colored. Win.

Pictured below (clockwise from top left): Licorice Octo-Salt, forest berries, raspberry licorice square, crunchy raspberry log, Swedish skull, tiny gummi fried egg.

  • Via @chefhollywog on Instagram