Grooveshark co-founder Josh Greenberg passed away Sunday


  • Photo via Michael Vroegop on Flickr

Josh Greenberg, one of the two co-founders of music streaming site Grooveshark, was found dead in his home in Gainesville, Florida, Sunday evening. 

According to the Gainesville Sun, a medical examiner’s autopsy found no evidence of drugs or foul play. However, the toxicology report, which will take at least 2 weeks, should provide more answers. 

Greenberg's mother, Lori Greenberg, told police her son had never been sick a day in his life, according to a Gainesville Police Department report.

Grooveshark allowed users to upload their own music and share it publicly for free, even pirated music. Back in May, a New York federal court ordered the site's parent company to pay $50 million back to record companies and shut down for good. 

The 28 year-old started the company 10 years ago with Sam Tarintino while they were freshman at the University of Florida.