North Carolina beachgoers use homemade cages as shield from sharks



For your next trip to the beach, don't forget the sunscreen, swimsuits and... a homemade shark cage?

In response to increased shark attacks this summer, a Richmond, Virginia couple took to a North Carolina beach over the weekend in full safety armor.  

The homemade cages, which they dubbed the Block Jaw, PSC One, are made of PVC pipes and steel bolts, according to WTVR.

Fellow beachgoers captured on video Sandi and Scott Bergman's trek in the water with their cages. The swim was cut short when a lifeguard, as can be seen in the video, ordered the couple to quit the act. 

Their jaunt with the cages was actually an act. It turns out that the cages were part of a video spoof on swim safety that the Bergmans were creating. 

If you have some extra spending money laying around and feel so inclined to shield yourself like the Bergman's did, you might be in luck. Scott Bergman said that if he were to manufacture the cages, they'd retail for around $499.99.