Rhode Island's Downtown Boys give you a sweaty experience at the Space Station


  • Jen Cray
Back in March, Rhode Island’s Downtown Boys came through and impressed as an opener for label mates Screaming Females at the Social. Though the hard-left punk-rock rainbow coalition showed some pretty notable live fire then, this return has all the kindling for a much more intense, sweaty and pure experience. First, they’re now touring on the sails of an acclaimed debut LP (Full Communism) on quality Jersey imprint Don Giovanni. Second, they’ll be going full torque as the headliner this time at the Space Station, a newish DIY venue that’s much more suited to their edge and ethos. What was already a physical vortex of politics and partying at a pro indie-rock establishment should be total and maximum release in a DIY zone. The local openers are also notable and the concert wraps at 10 p.m. in observance of the noise ordinance, so show up early.

Downtown Boys with Vivian K, Sweat Nerds, Back Pages | 8 p.m. Friday, July 24 | The Space Station, 2539 Coolidge Ave. | 321-356-2804 | $3-$5