Florida witches are pissed at sheriff’s office for blaming recent triple murder on Wiccans


  • Screengrab via WKRG

Last Friday, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Andrew Hobbes told the press that a recent triple murder in Pensacola, Florida was somehow "connected to some type of Wiccan ritual killing," and now, naturally, Wiccans are pissed.  

“We try to stay hidden because we get so much bad press. But, we’re definitely not taking a murder,” said Paula Wahn to WKRG.

The Mobile, Alabama station recently profiled a few Wiccans who were willing to speak up about Hobbes and the rest of the sheriff's office for associating the murders with their religion, which they claim is entirely peaceful. 

“Wiccans specifically believe in the 3 fold rule which dictates that if you cause harm to anything it will come back on you 3 fold, like Karma. They believe in ‘harming none,’ said Kimberly Coffeen, a practicing Wiccan.  “I do not see how a profiler would suggest that these murders were a ‘Wiccan Ritual.’ And, our community is very concerned about these accusations and implications for obvious reasons."