Drink this now: Passion fruit tea at Quickly Boba


  • Cliff Alejos
By this time in the summer, we're all #overit. Tired of the heat. Tired of the afternoon showers. Tired of the futility of blow-drying our hair. The only thing that's gonna get us through the last few weeks of this turbid heat are some seriously refreshing sippers. 

Enter the passion fruit tea with boba at Quickly Boba & Snow. (They serve a bevy of cool beverages and slushies, but on days like this, we really love this particular tea.) If you haven't been yet, run, don't walk to the intersection of Colonial and Maguire, next to Orlando Power Yoga. If you have been, maybe you already know of this drink's divine charms.

Beyond the passion fruit juice and chewy boba pearls at the bottom (Quickly even lets you choose what size boba you want to add!), it's just so tropical, even if it does look a little swampy on first glance. If you haven't seen the sand in a couple of years, with one sip, you're instantly transported to a secluded isle on a powder-soft strand.


Go get yourself one, and while you're there, maybe try our BOO Writer's Pick for Best Reimagined Pastry — Quickly's macaron ice cream sandwich