The rap video University of Florida football fans hope no one ever sees


  • Screengrab via YouTube

Drake and Meek Mill can step aside because this Gator fan is spittin' some serious heat, sort of.

Lawyer Mike – a sleeveless, Gator football-lovin' emcee – dropped his new rap video on YouTube today entitled,  "Gator Haters - Hear This!" and, not surprisingly, the University of Florida fanbase hates it.

One Redditor on the FloridaGators subreddit said, "I have so many questions, but my first is, why does a guy who would make this have Hurricanes and Seminoles tattoos?" Another fan pointed out, "This is terrible, but the guy shows he's not a true Gator by chomping with his left hand on top." 

So far, the YouTube comments aren't any softer. 

All this hatin' is weird because Lawyer Mike has fire lyrics like, "Florida is the team to beat, you don't believe me step into the swamp and feel the heat."  Also, on Tim Tebow, Lawyer Mike raps, "God and football, the priorities in life, all you other teams need a lesson in being nice."

You can watch the entire video below: