Winter Park residents protest in front of dog shooter's home


  • Photo via Facebook

Several Winter Park residents and their dogs held a protest Sunday at the home of a 70-year-old man who shot a pet dog in the eye last week. 

George Allan Burdock told the Winter Park Police Department on Thursday, Aug. 13, that he was walking his two smaller dogs with his wife on Kenwood Avenue when Lilly, a Samoyed, ran away from her owner, Ann Elizabeth Christensen, toward him.

  • Photo of Lilly via GoFundMe

Burdock said he felt threatened by Lilly, who was off her leash, because she had charged at him and his dogs before, the police report said. However, Christensen told police said she was talking to her neighbor when Lilly went toward the couple and their dogs. She said she was trying to put Lilly on her leash when Burdock shot her dog using a pistol loaded with snake shot. Burdock told Christensen, “I just shot your dog” and walked away, according to the report. 

If you would like to see a picture of Lilly after the shooting, follow this link, but warning, the photo is graphic. 

One witness in the police report said he saw Lilly act aggressively, while another witness and Christensen's neighbor described Lilly as a "gentle, loving dog" who "poses absolutely no threat."  

Police chose not to press charges on Burdock because they said Burdock was defending himself and licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Neighbors who organized the protest on Sunday questioned why Burdock has not been arrested for animal cruelty. Lilly's supporters have also created a Facebook page, where some users have made death threats toward Burdock. 

Christensen took Lilly to the hospital, and her GoFundMe page posted an update on Monday saying Lilly is undergoing a surgery to save her eye.