Daytona Beach is actually getting a gun range that serves booze


  • Screengrab via WFTV
  • Ron Perkinson

Daytona Beach, a city where people clearly like to live dangerously, will soon be the home of a gun range connected to an "upscale bar and grille." 

According to the The Daytona Beach News-Journal, city officials have approved a measure to allow business owner Ron Perkinson to transform a vacant building near I-95 into a 55,000-square foot booze-serving restaurant and indoor shooting range. 

Perkinson convinced all but one commissioner that his gun-bar would have more safety precautions than the average gun range, claiming customers who order alcoholic drinks will have their driver’s license scanned, which would block them from entering the connected–but separate– shooting range. 

Customers will be able to bring in their own guns or rent one, however guns will not be allowed in the dining area– even though Perkinson said he wouldn't know if a person was legally carrying a concealed gun without a metal detector. 

The gun range will have 12 shooting lanes and will be the third range that serves alcohol in the country.