Orlando man discovers he's been locked inside LA Fitness, 'documents' experience


  • Screengrab via YouTube

Orlando resident Nicholas Clayton strolled out of an LA Fitness sauna last Saturday, August 22, only to discover he was alone and locked inside. 

According to his Facebook page, Clayton was only in the sauna for 15 minutes. However, since he was wearing headphones, Clayton failed to hear an overhead announcement that the club would be closing at 5 p.m.  

"What gym closes at 5 p.m.? Most people have their headphones on, so they're not hearing the overhead announcements," said Clayton to Fox 13.  The LA Fitness was located at 2591 State Road 580 in Clearwater, Florida. 

According to Fox 13, Clayton ended up calling a nearby LA Fitness (that was open till 8 p.m.) and they talked him through how to get out safely.