Cat Cafe to open in Clermont at Cagan Crossings


  • Photo by Jay Zabel (thanks, Jay!)
(Somebody alert the alliteration authorities!) Based on the photo at right, plans are moving forward for the proposed Orlando Cat Café to open at the Cagan Crossings shopping center in Clermont, meaning crazy cat people all over Orlando are Google Maps-ing how to get there right now. 

If the idea of a cat café is new to you, it's just a place you can go and pet (friendly, pre-screened) kitties while sipping tea or eating pastries or whatever. It's a good solution for people who love cats but can't have their own for whatever reason – much better than haunting the shelter, where you'll feel terrible for not taking all of them home. (Totally not speaking from experience.)

It's hard to believe the touchy restaurant inspectors of Florida's DBPR will allow this to go down, but here it is in black and white (well, salmon-pink and lime-green) on the Cagan Crossings list of shops and restaurants. We did a little research (LMGTFY) and found that to be within code, the Cat Café will need to serve only pre-packaged food – no food prep will be allowed in the café. Also, that many litter boxes takes some serious planning.

Apparently this café is no relation to the Gato Café, which Adriana Montano pitched on Shark Tank as "Florida's first cat cafe." That Fort Lauderdale café has yet to get off the ground, though Montano's proposal included a partnership with the local chapter of the Humane Society, so the cats would actually be adoptable. (Also, steady supply.) The Clermont Cat Café will also feature adoptable cats.

As soon as we have a date or any more details, we'll update this post. 

Let's hope it's more like this:

And less like this:

… or this.