Hotto Potto turns 3 today, celebrates with $3 menu items


  • Photo courtesy of Tasty Chomps
We've written a couple of love letters to Hotto Potto in the past, mostly praising their position as top-class late-night munchies in a town where there's a serious dearth of post-9 p.m. comestibles.

Today, the hot pot outpost turns three years old, and they're celebrating by making every single menu item just $3. Literally, everything. Beer, wine, Wagyu beef, scallops, dumplings — it's all just three bucks apiece. 

Best part: If you work late or have a weird sleep sched, the birthday bash is going on until 2 a.m., in true Hotto Potto style, so no matter when you're up today, you can take part in delicious hot pot at your convenience. 

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