Florida community colleges are some of the best in nation, study says


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Florida was recently ranked by Thrillest as the absolute worst state in the nation, but at least we have some of the best community colleges. 

According to a study by WalletHub, Florida ranked No. 5 on a list of the nation's best community college systems.

Only Mississippi (No. 1), North Dakota (No. 2), Wyoming (No. 3) and Washington (No. 4) achieved higher marks than the Sunshine State.

At the bottom of the list came Louisiana (No. 44), which was narrowly beaten by Missouri (No. 43) and Idaho (No. 42).

The rankings are based on an earlier WalletHub list, "2015's Best & Worst Community Colleges," which breaks down the rankings by individual college, rather than by state.

On that list, Orlando's Valencia College ranked No. 34 out of 670, scoring high marks for both educational and career outcomes.

The No. 1 school in the nation was North Florida Community College in Madison, Fla.

The graph below shows how states compared to one another in the community college rankings. The bluer the state, the better the score.
Source: WalletHub