Orlando's first budget hearing is Wednesday


  • Photo by TaxCredits.net via Flickr

The sweet (and boring) smell of budget season is in the air as the Orlando City Council meets Sept. 9 at 5:01 p.m. for fiscal year 2015-16 first budget hearing.

Tomorrow’s meeting is one of two scheduled hearings where the public can ask questions about the city’s proposed $1.12 billion budget, like which city departments are benefitting most from your tax dollars. It’s easy to get lost if in the plethora of numbers and calculations, so you can read beforehand the 21-page budget summary here and the laborious 72-page budget here

Last year, the city raised the property tax rate by 17.7 percent, but this year there is no need for a raise because of a better economic climate and prior budget cuts, said the city’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer Brian Battles at the annual budget address in July, according to the Orlando Sentinel.