Florida man puts faces to the names of every 9/11 victim


  • photo via Kickstarter

In a massive memorial undertaking, Leesburg resident Michael DeMinico is painting a portrait of every single person who died in the 9/11 attacks. He's been working on the project for more than 10 years, and so far he's painted 1,300 oil portraits on 9-inch by 12-inch canvases. Crystal Chavez interviewed DelMinico today on WMFE:

The idea came to him when he was flipping through channels one day and caught a news segment commemorating the six-month anniversary of that fateful day. DeMinico did some math and figured he’d try to do a portrait a day. He knew it would take more than eight years to finish but that it was possible.

“At some point I realized that not only could I do it but that I should do it and finally at some juncture I said, ‘By George I will do it’ and that’s how it started,” said DeMinico.

A local film crew is making a documentary about DelMinico's work – see an excerpt below: