A transgender woman says TSA in Orlando detained her because of an 'anomaly'


  • Photo via Twitter

This just in from Twitter: Apparently TSA agents at the Orlando International Airport have detained a transsexual woman due to an "anomaly": 
Over the past few hours, Shadi Petoskly, a writer and executive producer for Puny Entertainment, has been tweeting about her ordeal at the airport, in which she says she was stopped, patted down, put in a small room and eventually told to get back in the scanning machine "as a man" or "it was going to be a problem." 

Official TSA policy, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality, is that all passengers traveling must provide their name, gender and date of birth, which must match what's on their government-issued ID.

"If you have different names or genders listed on different ID, you can choose which to provide, so long as you bring photo ID that matches your reservation," the organization says. "TSA Travel Document Checkers will check as you enter security to ensure that information on your ID matches your boarding pass. It does not matter whether your current gender presentation matches the gender marker on your ID or your presentation in your ID photo, and TSA officers should not comment on this."

According to Petosky's thread on Twitter, she has flown many times in the past without problems.  Why would TSA detain her this time? This story is still unfolding. Follow @shadipetosky on Twitter to follow her story. 

She missed her flight. 

Based on what she posted to Twitter, the police were called ... and so were explosives specialists. 

Another transwoman chimed in a little later, saying that she has had similar experiences with TSA agents in the past.