The first ever brick-and-mortar ThinkGeek store is open in the Florida Mall



Hey, did you get paid today? Don't spend that money on the Internet; head to the Florida Mall and drop a stack on all of the nerdy crap you can get your hands on at the first ever brick-and-mortar ThinkGeek store. The Internet's finest purveyor of Star Trek pajamas, Sherlock figurines and April Fool's gags was purchased by Gamestop earlier this year with the express purpose of retooling Gamestop stores from sad used video game swap meets to cool stuffed animal emporia. Now we no longer have to wait 7-10 business days for the d20-shaped whiskey stones we accidentally ordered when we drank too much whiskey to arrive! Critical hit!

Here's a video tour posted by Attractions Magazine. Look at all those nerds having more fun than you!