University of Florida invites rapper Lil B to football game, doesn't want to be cursed


  • Photo via YouTube

The University of Florida invited rapper Lil B to a home football game yesterday via Twitter, because obviously the Gators would prefer not to be cursed by The Based God. 
Staying on The Based God's good side is wise. For the unaware, Lil B has a storied history of placing successful "curses" on athletes for a variety of reasons.

Currently, The Based God has hexes on Marreese Speights and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, both for talking trash about his rapping abilities.  
Durant's curse has been going strong for the past four years and it seems to be working, he's ringless. 

But The Based God is forgiving. During this year's NBA finals, the rapper graciously withdrew a curse on NBA star James Harden for stealing his signature cooking dance.