Universal Studios confirms Hulk Coaster redesign will be led by Bolliger & Mabillard


  • Photo via Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Florida has confirmed that the Incredible Hulk Coaster redesign will be led by Swiss roller coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard

This information comes after weeks of circulating rumors that Bolliger & Mabillard, the coaster's original designer, would not be involved in the year-long facelift.

However, Robert Niles, a reporter with Theme Park Insider, got to the bottom of this issue Thursday morning ... he called Universal and asked. 

"I reached out to Universal Orlando this morning to ask about the rumors, and a Universal spokesperson confirmed that it is Bolliger & Mabillard that is working with Universal Orlando on the Hulk rebuild." 

Case closed. 

The Hulk makeover will replace old track and coaster trains and as Universal claims, "the overall experience is going to feel more immersive and high-tech." The ride isn't expected to open until summer 2016