Florida man eats 25 crab claws in 14 minutes, shatters records


  • Photo via Florida Keys News Bureau

Aaron Sutcliffe, a professional fisherman whose appetite knows no depths, took 25 medium claws to the house last Saturday, breaking the previous record by nearly a minute. 

"In my family if you don't eat the stone crabs fast, you don't get anything," Sutcliffe told the Florida Keys News Bureau. "And I love the things. They're delicious."

According to WPLG, Sutcliffe, a new comer to the competitive eating circuit, ravaged the 5th annual crab eating contest at Keys Fisheries Restaurant by finishing all 25 of his competition claws at a record time of 14 minutes and 20 seconds.

So, how did he accomplish this feat? Well, by ditching the traditional crab cracker and instituting an unorthodox technique ... he whacks 'em with the blunt end of a butter knife. 

"You crack with this (handle) side and eat with this (blade) side," Sutcliffe said to the Florida Keys News Bureau. "It's very efficient."

Aaron Sutcliffe just changed the world.