When it comes to Halloween candy, Floridians are so basic


  • Infographic via Influenster.com

According to a recent survey, when it comes to choosing Halloween candy, it would appear that Floridians are sooo damn basic. 

The product review site Influenster polled its users and discovered that the most sought-after sweets in the Sunshine State are none other than NestlĂ© Crunch bars, the basic bitch of chocolate.  
Really? Crunch bars? A candy bar that's made with "crisped rice"? Gross. The only reason Crunch bars exist is to act as a fluffer candy inside those fun-sized Halloween variety bags. That's it. A few days after Halloween, when all the good candy has been eaten, all you see is a graveyard of candy corn and Crunch bars.

Who's purposely buying these?

Never in my life have I never seen a single person biting into a Crunch bar that wasn't a leftover scrub from Halloween. It just doesn't happen.