Music on Mills returns in November


When Mills 50 is humming, it's a special thing that creates a quaint camaraderie between those cruising the strip between bars and restaurants. Music on Mills seeks to keep pushing that charm by hosting a party that benefits future street art and safety projects in Mills 50. This year's event starts at 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14, and sprawls across four venues: Will's Pub, Wally's, St. Matthew's Tavern and BART.

As usual, the lineup draws from the city's most spirited, tightest acts, from electronic artists we love like Day Joy, Maximino and Ark, to punk bands we go nuts for like the New Lows and all the folk (Wheeler Newman, swoon) and funk (FunkUs, Tony Cook and His Trunk O Funk, Leisure Chief) in between.

There are few better times to roam the neighborhood than when it's bustling with great bands, and it's an awesome opportunity to check in with a slew of locals you've been meaning to see. Keep up with event updates here.