Local designers are now making hilariously bad campaign logos for Paul Paulson


  • Design by Matthew Dunn
Paul Paulson, a 2015 Orlando mayoral candidate who is leading in recent polls conducted by Paul Paulson, probably won't be getting any votes from local designers this Tuesday. 

Last week, Victor Davila was alerted to a Paul Paulson campaign logo that looked exactly like something he previously designed as a possible T-shirt for the Orlando chapter of AIGA.

When Davila contacted Paulson about the logo, he was basically told that because Paulson found it on Google, it was public domain, which is just flat out false.

You can read the whole story here. 

"After reaching Mr. Paulson directly on the phone for a very short conversation last night, he told me that since I never registered the image and put it on the internet that it was 'public domain' and he could use it," said Davila to Orlando Weekly. "He then hung up on me." 

Here they are side by side.
  • Here they are side by side.

Now, it appears local designers are offering up some extremely unflattering campaign logos to Paulson, free of charge. The logo you see at top was created by Mathew Dunn.

On Nov. 1, Dunn penned an open letter to Paulson on his Facebook page

I have been following the Orlando Weekly's coverage of your contested marketing materials. As a concerned citizen and designer (as well as an AIGA member), I offer this wholly redesigned campaign logo, FREE OF CHARGE. It retains many of the attractive forms found in the logo you “appropriated” from local artist Victor Davila, while being more thematically consistent with the ethics of your campaign.

To pile it on, Camilo Vera sent us this logo today via Twitter

  • Camilo Vera
... and we also received this logo from André Greppi via Twitter

  • André Greppi

Don't piss off designers, folks. As of print time, Paulson has yet to use either of these free logos. If we missed any, send them to feedback@orlandoweekly.com