City of Orlando seeking proposals for market-rate and affordable housing development in Parramore




Just days after an election where the city's lack of affordable housing – and affordability of life in Orlando in general – was the talk of the town, the city of Orlando announced that it's seeking proposals from developers interested in creating a mixed-housing project in the Parramore area that incorporates affordable housing, market-rate housing and "permanent supportive housing units" for the chronically homeless. The project goals, according to the city: 

The City/CRA is seeking proposals for residential development of the Property, incorporating a blended mix of affordable housing units, permanent supportive housing units and market rate housing units (“Project”) from a highly experienced and proven developer or development team (“Developer”). The successful Developer shall design, build and finance all aspects of the Project.

Through this redevelopment opportunity, the City/CRA seeks to address several public goals including:

1. Create a high quality mixed income residential development to include safe, a ordable housing serving low and moderate income households, within the City of Orlando.
2. Increase the inventory of permanent supportive housing within the City of Orlando (See Exhibit “B”, Part 2 for an explanation).
3. Foster community development that will enhance the surrounding neighborhoods and serve as a catalyst for revitalization in Parramore.

The parcels of land, outlined in red in the image above, are currently owned by the city and/or the city's Community Redevelopment Agency. The biggest parcel is a 5.07-acre site, and the others are .29 and .70 acres each. The project will have to combine them all into a single "planned development." 

You can get more details in the announcement. 

On Nov. 11 at 11 a.m., the city will hold a conference at City Hall for developers to get more information. Development proposals will be due on Dec. 4.