Stand against wage slavery at Lake Eola Park with Fight for 15 on Tuesday



If in the past week you’ve thought, “The rent is too damn high,” Orlando’s Fight for 15 March might be for you. For months now, low-wage workers across the country have been campaigning to raise the minimum wage to a $15 hourly wage that you can actually survive on. The fight should come as no surprise in Orlando – the city ranks at the bottom in terms of median wage among the top 50 American metro areas, at $29,781. The march, which is coordinated by Fight for 15 Florida, starts in the late afternoon at the Sunday Farmers Market location at Lake Eola Park, and is being held simultaneously in other parts of Florida.

4-6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10 | Lake Eola Park, East Central Boulevard and North Eola Drive | | free