A man was cited during Florida's bear hunt for using Honey Buns as bait


  • Photo via YouTube

Authorities with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are saying a DeBary man was cited during last month's bear hunt for baiting with a wide assortment of junk food, including Honey Buns.  

According to WMFE, James Louis Ryan was attempting to "bait" bears on a wooded lot near Deland using "two honey buns, a chocolate éclair, a doughnut, a fish filet and a piece of cherry pie."

The act of "baiting" is illegal in the state of Florida. However, according to the FWC's guidelines, scented aerosols and sprays are allowed. 

Ryan received a citation and faces a misdemeanor for hunting bear within 100 yards of bait and a warning for hunting the day after the hunt was closed. 

Just an FYI, bears are in fact omnivores and they will pretty much eat anything (see video below). Don't leave your trash out, folks.