You'll soon be able to play mini golf at the Holy Land Experience, as the good Lord intended


  • Photo via The Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience
, the 16 acre non-profit Biblically-themed attraction operated by the Trinity Broadcast Network, recently announced a new 9-hole miniature golf course attraction.

The course will be located near the rock climbing walls that are visible from the I-4/Conroy Road exit ramps in the Smile of a Child area. Smile of a Child is the award-winning 24-hour children’s network owned by TBN.

The course will be a play on the Trinity name; it’ll be known as the Trin-I-Tee mini golf. At 8,000 sq. ft. the mini golf course will be small, replacing what was a small walk-through kid’s area that told Bible stories via large props. The majority of the large props will be staying for the new Old Testament-focused miniature golf course.

Work began on the new course about three months ago and plans call for it to be open by this Christmas. The course will start out with guests entering a massive Noah’s Ark that will feature numerous statues of animals. Guest will also be able to putt a ball at Goliath’s head in the David vs. Goliath hole. Other holes include Jonah and the Whale, where guests will enter into the belly of the whale to encounter a life-size animatronic Jonah, and a hole that will feature the walls of Jericho. The course ends with the Crucifixion of Jesus, a central theme to the overall park. Each hole will include informational signage to help explain that specific Bible scene.


The new mini-golf attraction is designed to give younger guests another option in the show-heavy park. While many view the religious attraction as a theme park, it lacks most of the traditional theme park aspects such as rides, or 4-D movies. The park currently features rock climbing walls, a CD recording studio and some other smaller attractions designed for younger guests. All of those attractions, like the upcoming mini-golf course, are included in the regular park admission.