Orlando group's Planned Parenthood protest postponed following Colorado shooting


  • Photo via Flickr

The Florida Family Policy Council, an Orlando pro-life organization, has chosen to suspend its Dec. 7 rally against Planned Parenthood at the State Capitol Complex in Tallahassee in the wake of the shooting in Colorado that resulted in three dead and nine wounded.

The president of the Florida Family Policy Council, John Stemberger, said in a press release that the actions of alleged Colorado shooter Robert Lewis Dear, 57, should not be used to advance a political agenda.

“This violent and horrifying act by someone who has a troubling and violent past, is in complete opposition to the pro-life cause,” Stemberger said. “We believe that we must continue promoting the pro-life message and reiterate the concern we have for every human life including the victims of this tragedy. However, we also admonish those on the other side of this issue who are attempting to use this tragedy for their own political gains.”

The release stated that FFPC had rescheduled its rally for an unspecified date in the spring 2016.

Dear reportedly told a law enforcement officer “No more baby parts,” following his arrest Nov. 27, according to the Associated Press.

In July, the pro-life group The Center for Medical Progress released the first in a series of videos that purportedly showed Planned Parenthood officials offering to sell fetal tissue for medical research. A congressional probe of Planned Parenthood practices Oct. 8 found no evidence of wrongdoing by the organization.