Share your memories of the last 25 years with us!


As you may have noticed in almost all of our stories this week, Orlando Weekly is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Staffers old and new gathered up memories of our favorite stories and events over the years, along with some of the musicians, actors, politicians, cultural institutions and historical events that shaped Orlando, as well as Orlando Weekly.

As in any endeavor of this size, it's inevitable that some things may be missed – whether because of space limitations or because we had our own space-cadet moment (there's some '90s slang for you), we know that some of the best, worst, weirdest and coolest events of the last 25 years are not here.

So let us know what's missing – send your favorite Orlando/Orlando Weekly memories to and we'll post what we can.

Even if it's all a blur and you have nothing to share with us, pick up tickets to our 25th anniversary party – maybe you'll see some things that jog your memory.