We've now killed more Florida panthers in 2015 than any other year


  • Photo via fws.gov
Tuesday morning an anonymous driver helped Florida break the record for most Florida panthers killed in a year by cars or trucks. 

According to WCTV, officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are saying the remains of a 1-year-old female panther were found in Hendren Country. The FWC estimates that it was hit sometime around 8 a.m. on Tuesday. 

This is the 26th time a Florida panther, our official state animal, was killed by a car or truck in 2015 and the 37th death total this year, which is also a new record. 

The FWC, who once said it's time to give up on saving panthers, estimates that there are roughly 100-180 Florida Panthers left. 

Florida drivers killed 24 panthers in 2014, which, combined with this year's totals, makes "death by car" the most common form of panther death in the Sunshine State.