You can now get a free shotgun with jewelry purchase in DeLand, Florida


  • Photo via NBC
A jewelry store in DeLand, Florida, is running a holiday promotion that involves giving away free firearms with the purchase of select jewelry because, as we all know, "Diamonds are forever," but only if you have a shotgun.

According to Fox 35, Jesse Czerok, the owner of Downtown Goldsmith & Engraving and 2nd Amendment Firearms, feels that customers (specifically men who are scared of women's accessories) should not feel intimidated about shopping for dangly earrings, sparkly rings and shimmering necklaces. 

“This kind of gives the guy, an incentive to purchase a piece of jewelry for his wife,” said Czerok to Fox 35. 

Costumers who want more bang for their buck can score a 12-gauge pump action shotgun, valued at $270, if they buy select jewelry ranging from $450-$4000. So far, 10 customers have taken advantage of the promotion.