Celebrate the spirit of the season at St. Matthew's Tavern's annual Midnight Mass


Despite what Merry Christmas warriors want you to believe, Jesus is only one of the reasons for the season. Human beings have been getting together at this time of year for camaraderie and spiked punch for centuries before the Church officially made it the big J.C.’s b-day. But whether you celebrate Christma s, Saturnalia, Yule or none of the above, the spirit of the season lies in friendship and well-wishing, which is the spirit in which St. Matthew’s Tavern opens its doors for a midnight mass. Though you won’t be able to drink through the rites, there will be a buffet afterwards for midnight snacking.

10:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 24 | St. Matthew’s Tavern, 1300 N. Mills Ave. | orlandobeergarden.com | free