Squeeze into the crowd and check out floats made of fruit at the annual Florida Citrus Parade


Spirited high-school and college bands from across the country! Signature floats made from thousands of pieces of fruit! Familiar faces and characters from Orlando’s attractions! And specialty units, whatever those are! The website of the Florida Citrus Parade promises all of these things, though it doesn’t answer our most pressing question: Was any actual citrus harmed in the making of this parade? (Our guess, judging by the pungent juice aroma: Yes.) If you love a parade, or you just love standing around downtown, don’t miss this processional of orange-studded flatbeds. The Citrus Parade is televised across the country, so this is your chance to make Northerners jealous as you gently perspire for the camera on the day before New Year’s Eve.

11 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 30 | Downtown Orlando, starting at Orange Avenue and Robinson Street | floridacitrusparade.com | free; grandstand tickets $29