Get a glimpse of the future of interactive tech at Otronicon this weekend


  • Roberto Gonzalez
Remember when being a techie meant that nobody understood you? You were the one who knew how to build websites from scratch and write your own code and you knew, at least in a general sense, what a simulator was for. Tech is no longer an oddball hobby or obscure vocation – being a techie is a hobby, a career aspiration, an obsession. And Orlando is home to events like Otronicon, a tech showcase and digital-media industry event now in its 11th year, to give even the Luddites amongst us a chance to check out some of the cool developments in technology and perhaps gain some basic skills. Prove that you are as smart as a fifth grader at a coding workshop or a robotics seminar (seriously, some of these workshops are for kids as young as six – you better work to keep up); wander through the “Medical Sim City,” where you can find out what cutting-edge technology is making its mark on healthcare; or take part in the Game Jam, where game designers can participate in a competition to create the best interactive experiences. There’s even an Otronicon After Dark event on Friday and Saturday nights, where you can drink craft beer in the BART Lounge and connect with other techies.

10 a.m. Friday-Monday, Jan. 15-18 | Orlando Science Center, 777 E. Princeton St. | 407-514-2000 | | $19.95 per day