Trump recruits Pensacola's Freedom Girls for creepiest rally ever


In a move that should surprise exactly no one, Donald Trump's presidential campaign appears to have thrown our basic precepts about reality out the window and recruited living cartoons from Pensacola to open for the Republican frontrunner at a rally on Wednesday, Jan. 13.

The "Freedom Girls," as Phoenix, Arizona's Fox 10 affiliate identifies them, performed a song containing lines such as "Cowardice / I can't handle this / Apologies for freedom / I can't handle this" and "President Donald Trump knows how / to make America great / Deal from strength or get crushed every time."

It's hard to tell what the worst layer in this Lasagna of Wrong is: using children to promote a hyper-nationalist, xenophobic agenda, the unbalanced placement of the girls on either side of the podium, or the fact that the girl on the right is barely given anything to do. It's the song that parodies itself! Irony is truly dead.

Check out the full song below and let us know what you think!