Video: Man steals almost $4,000 worth of alcohol from Vain nightclub



A local homeless man has been accused of using a rolling trash can to take thousands of dollars worth of booze from the liquor room of downtown Orlando's Vain nightclub, and rolling it away. 

“He cleaned us out,” says a Vain nightclub employee when watching the surveillance footage.

According to police reports, George Goins stole almost $4,000 worth of alcohol from Vain, located on South Magnolia, in late December. Goins, a local homeless person, did odd jobs for the club, but he was arrested last Wednesday for two counts of burglary in connection with the theft. According to the police reports, Goins stole: 30 bottles of Ciroc, 36 bottles of Hennessy, eight bottles of Crown Apple, six bottles of Jack Daniels, six bottles of Bacardi, eight bottles of Jim Beam and a bunch of Red Bull. 

  • Orlando Police Department

Police say Goins also managed to cause $1,000 damage to Vain’s door and steal a trashcan. According to police, the club's manager, Jeffrey Hanson, suspects he had been selling Vain's trash cans to other venues in the area. You can watch the videos of the burglary in action, as well as some running commentary from club employees.