Scott H. Biram blends country, blues, punk and metal at Will's Pub on Saturday


  • Sandy Carson
Early in his career, Scott Biram was nearly killed in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer. He ended up wheelchair-bound for more than four months as he recovered from multiple surgeries to install rods and plates in his limbs and remove a foot and a half of lower intestine. “I played a show a week after I got out of the hospital in a wheelchair with an IV in my arm just to show everybody I was still gonna do this shit,” he told No Depression in 2004. That steely determination comes across in Biram’s music. Bouncing between traditional country and blues and punk- and metal-inspired stompers, Biram stands out as a unique voice in an era where most commercial country is homogenized into a haze of truck manufacturer names. 

with Doug Strahan, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band | 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 23 | Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave. | | $10-$12