Shannon & the Clams anchor a killer bill for Norsekorea's fifth anniversary Saturday at Backbooth


  • Nadia Lee Cohen
As if a visit from Oakland, California’s dreamy retro-steeped Shannon and the Clams weren’t significant enough in its own right, this show happens to be the first of two five-year anniversary parties for local promoter powerhouse Norsekorea. Known for bringing quality talent to an area often neglected by touring bands, Norsekorea has developed a reputation for quality primarily through the toil of main man Kyle Raker. Along with L.A.’s Guy Blakeslee, Raker has assembled a lineup of local acts for this show that’s hard to beat, including Golden Pelicans, Wet Nurse and Dumber Bunnies. Of course, the highlight is seeing the Clams back in town for the first time since they dropped 2015’s Gone by the Dawn, a record that revels in the timelessness of pre-British Invasion rock & roll, and should be the perfect soundtrack for this birthday party. 

with Golden Pelicans, Wet Nurse, Guy Blakeslee, Dumber Bunnies | 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 23 | Backbooth, 37 W. Pine St. | 407-999-2570 | | $12-$14