The Art Gallery at Mills Park opens tonight with work by Martha Lent and Paul Scarborough


  • Martha Lent

Mills Park, the mixed-use development that rose up in the area where the Mills-Nebraska lumberyard used to be, adds its latest amenity tonight when the Art Gallery at Mills Park opens. The two-story gallery at 1650 N. Mills Ave. will pay tribute to the sawmill, which was at the location for 70 years, with wooden decor elements.

  • Paul Scarborough
While we are slightly leery of this recent crop of galleries in apartment buildings – without expert curatorial input, they can devolve into something in between window dressing and retail, so it's incumbent upon the property owners to retain skilled gallery directors – we can unreservedly recommend the work of the two artists whose work is displayed there tonight. 

Martha Lent (above) has been a bright fixture on Orlando's art scene for many years, producing colorful and carefully observed evocations of Florida's landscapes. Paul Scarborough (right), who grew up on Florida’s Space Coast, makes abstract paintings in brash hues.

The opening reception will include tours led by the artists and artist talks by both Scarborough and Lent.

In a press release, Art Gallery at Mills Park director and co-founder Lael DeWahl says, “I am honored to bring a leveled and gender-balanced approach to the selection of artists to be exhibited in this bright space. The gallery will always feature a dynamic combination of male and female artists, reflecting their complementary and contrasting energies. As the daughter of two artists and a gallery owner since 2003, it is a pleasure to be surrounded by the artist’s spirit and creativity.”

The gallery’s curator, Boris Douglas Garbe, says he’s “excited to feature the works of Paul Scarborough and Martha Lent at the Art Gallery at Mills Park. The relationship between an artist and curator explores the creative process, connecting the wishes of the artist with the needs of the gallery and allowing people to view the artwork in a relaxing, contemporary environment.”