Swine & Sons introduces online ordering starting this Friday, Feb. 5


  • Photo courtesy Swine & Sons
Emperor Palpatine's voice-over: "You want this ... don't you? The [hunger] is swelling in you now..."

Now you can have all the fresh-cut charcuterie, the breakfast tacos and Nashville chicken hand pies you want, and you can get them faster than ever starting this Friday, Feb. 5. Swine & Sons has refreshed their website and will soon feature a tab where you can order your lunch or dinner from the comfort of your couch and then run by and pick up that hot Italian sammich everyone's raving out. Check your fridge and make sure there's enough Alabama white BBQ sauce, too. If not, add it to your order.

This is extra good news for those of us who work long hours, but just can't bring ourselves to hit up the drive-thru. Order from your desk and by the time you get to S&S, your order is ready to go.

Awesome bonus: The first 50 online orders will get a free bag of spiced caramel corn. Motivation is delicious.